• Mechanical Orchard
Pruning Services

• Deep Ripping

• RTK Row Ripping

• Land Preparation Tillage

Mechanical Orchard Pruning Services

Sun Harvest provides:

Topping and hedging

Topping up to 24’

High angle hedging up to 45’

Narrow hedging down to 2’

Deep Ripping Services

Sun Harvest offers equipment that loosens compacted layers of soil using deeply penetrating shanks and wide, winged points for better lift, shatter, and soil disturbance.

RTK Row Ripping Services

Sun Harvest is experienced with various tillage systems that use:

Wide constant winged ripping points 16’ to 24’

Deep ripping 3’, 4’ and 5’ settings

1 to 3 shanks all in one toolbar

Amendment ready

Land Preparation Tillage Services

Sun Harvest provides:

Heavy disking

Finnish disking

Land leveling

Bottomless land scrapers

RTK precision Field marking

RTK precision border making